As we have walked God’s path for our lives over the years, we have met some very talented people and formed many close friendships. Some of these friends have also made their talents available to others through the Internet. Below are links to different websites maintained by a few of our friends. We hope that they might be of interest to you.

Our friend, Pam Staley, has been led to explore a healthy lifestyle based on biblical teachings. She has made available a variety of organic herbs and essential oils along with information on their biblical background and use. Her informative website can be found at

In Ancient Footsteps

Solomon Lopez’s music will inspire you as you listen to scripture set in a Hebraic tone that entices praise and worship of Elohim. Solomon’s style is definitely unique and original… It experesses his heart for Abba, His Torah, His people and His land. Visit his website at

Hebraism Music Project

We’ve known Jerry and Jan Watkins for many years. During that time, their steadfast love for God and His Word, for the people and the land of Israel has never waivered. Jerry has been teaching the Torah to interested believers in small groups for over 10 years and has developed a series of study guides to help others wishing to do the same. Review these study guides at

Torah Together

Lenny and Varda have been composing and performing music about the return of Ephraim for well over ten years now. They travel the world leading worship and singing of the restoration of all Israel. They have recorded their original music and made it available on CD. Feel free to listen to excerpts on their website at

Lenny and Varda

Miguel Demelli is a Spirit-filled believer who also embraces the Hebraic roots of the Messiah and the Whole House of Israel (Ezekiel 37:15-28). He’s been searching for the “keys to victory” for 15 years. And just when he thought he was defeated forever, these simple truths were clarified to him and transformed his walk forever. As a result he authored the book, Recognizing the REAL Enemy: Accurately Discerning the Army of Darkness.   Visit Miguel’s website at

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